Post and Antenatal Distress Wellington offers low-cost counselling with its experienced and passionate team of counsellors.


Read our counsellor profiles below to get an idea of who you might like to work with. All our counsellors have varying levels of experience, and they all have their unique style. Locations vary too. We also have student counsellors who provide counselling for a limited number of free sessions and low-cost thereafter.

All of our counsellors have their own experience with post and/or antenatal distress. They have a passion for working with parents who may be struggling to adjust to the challenges that arise from pregnancy and raising children.

The rates for our counsellors vary depending on their experience and level of training.

The venues we use are child-friendly, warm and inviting.

To find out more, or to make an appointment, please phone us on 04 4723135 or email us on We can talk about which counsellor might be a best fit for you.