If you would like to make a difference and help raise awareness about PND, join PND Wellington (Inc) today.As an Incorporated Society and registered with the Charities Commission, PND Wellington is required to have a minimum number of Members who support the aims and objectives of the organisation.

Due to a few Members leaving PND Wellington over the past few years we are actively seeking some new Members, both from individuals who have experienced ante and post natal distress either personally or through extended family and friends, and from health professionals and community organizations who work with women and families and whanau who have experienced PND. It will only cost you a few hours a year but you will be supporting many tens of women and their families. There is no monetary cost. We would also love to hear from husbands/partners too, as men, whose wife/parner have had PND, also have a role to play.

The requirements to be a Member under our constitution are:

  • a personal experience of ante/post natal distress or
  • having a work/professional interest in ante/post natal distress and its effects on the individual, family and community.

Members are expected to:

  • maintain an interest in PND Wellington at whatever level they wish and
  • have their names on a list for the Incorporated Society Records (only the Chairperson and Coordinators details are published)

PND Wellington has a Management Team which oversees the running of the organization. Paid Coordinators manage the day to day activities and finances. The legal status of our organization is at risk if we do not maintain a minimum Membership.

Membership criteria

Membership can be either for an individual or organisation.   PND Wellington AGM!! November 12th, 6pm at Phuthai Restaurant, Cambridge Terrace, Wellington. Please RSVP Antoinette on pnd.wellington@gmail.com

Active Member:

  • Involved in some way in the planning, delivery or management of PND Wellington
  • Attends Committee Meetings as available – full voting rights
  • Receive free training as appropriate
  • Receive newsletter

Non Active Member

  • Individuals that have an interest in PND
  • May attend Committee Meetings – voting rights
  • Subsidised training opportunities
  • Receive newsletter

Organisation Membership (Active or Non-Active)

  • Organizations that have an interest in PND
  • May be involved in the planning, delivery or management of PND Wellington
  • Nominated person may attend Committee Meetings – voting rights
  • Receive newsletter